The cheerful celebration at Heorot was short lived as Grendel’s mother wasted little time before seeking her revenge. Today’s reading saw the Danish kingdom once again under siege by a terrible monster. Once again Beowulf was called upon to save Hrothgar and the Danes.

As you review our reading, please look for the following elements:

  • Grendel’s mother’s attack (compared to Grendel’s attack)
  • The victim of the attack. Who is it? Why was he specifically taken?
  • Why didn’t Beowulf step in to stop the attack?
  • Hrothgar’s reaction … is the same or different as Grendel’s rein of terror?
  • Grendel’s mother’s moor … what are some of the characteristics and elements that make it an evil place?
  • Beowulf’s speech to Hrothgar. What does he tell the King about going after the monster?
  • Preparation for battle … How does Beowulf prepare? Is it similar/different than last time?

Remember to continue working on your study guide as well. I updated the assignment so you can find your study guide on Google Classroom.