Due to the closure last year we were not able to distribute the AP Lit 12 summer reading assignment.  Therefore we are going to start off the year looking at the summer text – How To Read Literature Like A Professor by Thomas Foster.

This book is a foundation that we will continuously return to throughout the year when we read novels, poems, short stories, etc.  Please get a copy ASAP and we will discuss a due date and assignment when we meet next week.  

Next, you will be required to sign into our AP Classroom (provided by College Board). Please use the link above to register for class. You will be asked to enter our class code – 4PM7DV

Please do this ASAP as we will begin to use the classroom on remote days starting next week.

Our syllabus is online at our main page (link here). Please download it, read over it, and bring any questions to class on Monday. The syllabus outlines the major novels we will be analyzing in class. I have copies of all the novels I can lend you, but you are more than welcome to get your own copies (paperback or digital) so you can annotate them as needed.

Finally, make sure you carefully read the Vocabulary Packet that is attached at the end of the syllabus. It explains how we are going to handle vocab. assignments this year. Again, I’ll go over this more when we meet next week, but please familiarize yourself with it over the weekend.

So… to recap, here is your homework for Monday:

  1. Download and review AP SYLLABUS
  2. Register for AP CLASSROOM
  3. Obtain a copy of How To Read Literature Like A Professor by Thomas Foster.

See you on Monday!