Assignment for How To Read Literature Like A Professor by Thomas C. Foster

You will be required to participate in an online discussion of How To Read Literature Like A Professor chapter by chapter (think of it like journaling). After each chapter, you will be required to post a response to the class blog. Your response should be a comment on the chapter, its techniques, and/or any questions about things you didn’t understand. This is your chance to start practicing how to read and respond critically, so do your best to express your ideas. Respond however you see fit. That being said, I encourage you to relate these readings to other texts you’ve read, movies, art, etc. You will be asked to respond chapter by chapter as well as to reply to your peers’ ideas too.

I sketched out a rough idea of when the chapters should be read by. Please try to keep up and avoid doing everything at the last minute. While we’ve all been guilty of pushing deadlines, but I expect you to start to balance your time now so you’ll be able to handle the workload of the class.

Lastly, our class will require open and critical discussion of every essay you write and of every text you read. The summer assignment should help you develop or refine that skill. Please take advantage of it.

I. Online Blog – HTRLLP

Response Dates: How to Read Literature Like A Professor by Thomas C. Foster

  • Chapters 1-13 – Aug 2
  • Chapters 14-27 – Aug 9

*You may post ahead of deadlines if you wish!

You must create an account before you can begin discussions. Please use the link below to create your account.

Once you have created your account, you can begin to post to the Forum. The Forum is located at the top of the menu bar. You can also access it HERE.

II. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. 2004

This will be your first piece of literature for class. Your assignment is to critically read and annotate the novel. When I say annotate, I’m referring to a skill you will use when you read all your novels in AP Literature. Annotate means “To furnish (a literary work) with critical commentary or explanatory notes.” In other words, you should write marginal notes, comments, and/or questions in the novel as you read. This method will help you to interact with the novel and develop the critical reading skills we will use in the course. If you do not like to write in your book (or you borrow one from the library), you can use post-it notes as your annotations.

You will complete the Major Works Data sheet for the novel. This is attached below and will also be available on the Google Classroom.

DUE: August 30

You will take an essay exam on this novel the first day of class. This will be an AP Timed-Writing prompt. You will have 40 minutes to complete the essay.

DUE: August 30