Today we analyzed Beowulf’s first major battle with the monster Grendel. Make sure as you read, you continue to pay attention the language used to describe the monster. We see the “Fire” in his eyes and his massive “Talons.”

Please continue to follow the following elements in the text:

  • Motifs that continue to describe Heorot as a “Divine” hall. Pay close attention to the colors and images used to describe it as well as how it the building is described during the battle.
  • Beowulf’s Epic Hero traits and qualities. Remember we discussed elements of a hero. How is Beowulf checking off the boxes?
  • Don’t forget about Unferth… how does Beowulf respond to Unferth’s attempts at discrediting the deeds and accomplishments of Beowulf?
  • The battle! How does the battle go for both Beowulf and Grendel? What is Grendel’s initial reaction as well as his plan of attack?

As always, you can review the notes below if needed. We are quickly approaching our first assessment/test/quiz on the poem so don’t fall behind!