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The Final Demise Of Beowulf

Today we wrapped up our reading of Beowulf by watching him succumb to the mortal injuries of the Dragon. Remember to finish up the study guide assignment. Don’t forget to... Read More

Beowulf Meets Hrothgar

Today we covered Beowulf’s first meeting with Hrothgar and pledged his help in defeating Grendel. Review your notes for the following: Elements of the Epic Hero Unferth’s verbal attack toward... Read More

Final Exam Review

AP English and Comp 12 Please remember to login to your account on AP Classroom. The code and links are below: AP CLASSROOM Class Code – 933ALV Here are the... Read More

Hamlet Act 4 Notes

Act 4 Scene 1 Main events of the scene: Gertrude informs the king about Polonius death; Claudius sends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to find Hamlet; Short Summary: The king notices that... Read More

Hamlet – Act 3 Notes

We are halfway through the play and finally we have some action. Please look over the class notes if you were absent in order to refresh your memory for the... Read More

Hamlet – Act 2

Please review your notes, study guide, and handouts for Hamlet. Those students who are on the DECA trip, be sure to finish reading Act 2. You may use Sparknotes or... Read More

Hamlet – Act 1

We finished reading Hamlet Act 1 today. Make sure you finish the study guide and review your notes for the exam on Wednesday. If you were absent for any time... Read More

The Final Stretch

We’ve hit the final stretch of the research paper. I’m listing some of our final steps if you want to review your work and make sure you have all the... Read More

Senior Research Paper Details

As we begin our journey to develop our Senior Research Paper, I want to have a landing place for all of our documents. You should be able to find everything... Read More

Time To Brag!

As we finish up our study of Beowulf, your final written assignment (Boast) is due next week (Tuesday – October 12, 2021). This should be a fun assignment that gives... Read More