After defeating Grendel, Hrothgar celebrates the heroic actions of Beowulf as the entire kingdom of Denmark returns to Heorot now that the evil of Grendel has been purged.

Many gifts were bestowed on Beowulf, his deeds were praised by the minstrels, and Hrothgar proclaimed his debt of gratitude to Beowulf. Before the night is over, we are told two stories (digressions) from Danish history. First, we are told the story of Sigemund and his destruction of the dragon followed by the battle of Finn. While the stories give us a glimpse into the history of the Anglo-Saxons, more importantly they provide some insight into themes related to Beowulf. We see how strength alone is not enough to be a Hero. We see Sigemund’s courage on display as he becomes a great leader. We also learn of the warnings of Revenge in the story of Finn. Foreshadowing that all may not be well in Denmark despite the defeat of Grendel.

Lastly, we see Queen Wealthrow one more time. Again she plays hostess but also asks Beowulf to pleadge his allegiance to her sons once Hrothgar eventually dies.

Be sure to pay attention to the gifts given to Beowulf and the Geats, the rebuilding of Heorot, and the warnings both digressions provide.

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