Tomorrow is the first day of school! Remember that both our A cohort and B chort will meet online. You can access your Zoom link meeting from our Google Classroom.

Things to remember:

  • Check Powerschool for your schedule. Please pay attention to your homeroom.
  • You have to log into your Google Classroom in order to find the link to join your classes.
  • The first place you will have to log in is your HOMEROOM. Attendance will be taken from 7:40-7:50am. If you are not present, you will be marked absent.
  • Follow your schedule after Homeroom to sign in to each class at the start of the period. We will have a short Zoom class to introduce ourselves.
  • If you have me for Study Hall, there will not be a Zoom class meeting.
  • Please print the Health Screening Check Form. You will need to turn this in each day as you enter the building.
  • Please remember the etiquette of meeting remotely. School rules will still apply so please behave yourself.