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AP English Literature & Composition 2021-2022
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Directions: In addition to your reading each night, you will also need to answer the following questions. To get full credit, answers must consist of at least TWO complete sentences with an example. The example does not need to be a direct quote, but those are always preferred. Be prepared to expand one into an analytical paragraph in class.

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Ch. 21-22

Danielle G


For our study of Othello, you will track themes seen throughout the play. At the end of each class, you will post one example (from the day’s reading) that illustrates a relationship to at least 1 of the 7 themes we will be examining. Briefly explain how this line/passage illustrates your chosen theme. Please copy the first line of the text (including the Act.Scene.Line number).

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Women in Othello

Danielle G

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

For each chapter, post a response to the forum. Do not summarize the chapter, instead choose one event that you feel was significant and explain how/why it is important. Your response will be the active engagement you have with the material. Some basic responses can be: Why is this significant? What is happening? What literary element is present? (i.e. symbolism, character delineation, etc.), How does this reflect on the story as a whole? How does this have an effect on my life?

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Spring: Chapter 6 Re...

Matt C

Catcher In The Rye - Journals

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Academic English 12 - Research Paper
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Period 1

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How To Start Your Re...


Period 3

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The Stranger

Kirstyn S

Period 4

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Hitchhikers Guide

Emma L

Period 8

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All Quiet on the Wes...

Seth H

Summer Reading Materials (2021-2022)
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HTRLLP - Summer Discussion 2021-2022

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Chapter 6 - Response

Alli L