As we wrap up the week, I wanted to clearly identify what we are working on so you stay on track.


Today we are going to review the prompts one more time and discuss the outline options. Your work for Thursday is to begin drafting your essay. It’s best to use the outline template as a place to start if you’re still trying to organize your ideas. Once completed, you should start drafting your essay. Remember that the essay isn’t long. The requirements are a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 650 words. So again… you have to be very focused in your writing. Don’t forget that all of the information for our College Essay can be found on the College Essay Page. The page is four pages so please browse all pages to find what you need.

  1. Review College Essay Prompts
  2. Review Essay Outline Template
  3. Begin Essay Draft


We will be remote on Friday as usual. Your assignment is to share a completed copy of your essay with me via Google Drive. I will individually discuss your essay using Google Docs comment and edit feature. You do not have to join class via Zoom on Friday. Instead, make sure you check your essay for comments and discussion.

  1. Complete a revised draft of essay. Be sure to share it with me in your Google Doc