Here are the final copies of AP Lit & Comp’s Magical Realism short stories. Please read, enjoy, and feel free to comment.

A Wacky Trip To Russia

At this point I could not even remember why I was in Moscow but that is when I woke up. I was in a Russian hospital and the nurse said I was poisoned. I finally realized that everything previously was a dream I had while in a coma. I then looked up at the nurse and asked “what happened to me?” She responded with “Your cup of tea was poisoned at the airport and you passed out when you stepped off the plane.” The nurse told me I would be in the hospital for a few days and she left me so that I could get some rest. At this point I now had a new mission, I wanted to know who did this and why. So to begin I asked the nurse if she knew anymore about what happened to me. She started acting very weird so at that point I got very suspicious of her. Over the next few days I began to notice her watching me and checking in on me more frequently. After about two weeks I was released from the hospital and decided on where to go. I decided to head to the nearby subway station to head towards the center of Moscow. I headed down the tunnel to the subway and boarded the train. As I was standing there I saw the nurse from the hospital. I did not know if he was following me or not so I decided to keep an eye on her. When I exited the train car, I headed up the steps and towards downtown Moscow. When I arrived at the Red Square I went over to a food cart to try to blend in with the crowds of people. I proceed to look over my shoulder to see the nurse talking to a man in a dark trench coat with a brown fedora on. The nurse then points over at me and the mysterious man starts to walk towards me. I then take off running as fast as I possibly can. As I am running I turn my head around to find the man in the dark trench coat along with two police officers chasing me. I headed back towards the subway station so I could get out of there as fast as I could. As I reached the station I slid down the railings of the stairs and hopped aboard the train that was heading towards the airport. As the train creeped to a stop I jumped off and saw four officers waiting for me. They yelled to get on the ground and put my hands up. I ran to the side of the four officers and bolted up the stairs. I hurried through the airport doors and completely ignored security as I tried to find the quickest flight back to the United States. I ran to the gate and jumped on the plane right before the door closed. I then proceeded to sit down for the long haul flight back to America and began to write this very story. I hope people will read this story and learn from my mistakes and be more aware of their surroundings.