Directions: DON’T SKIP AHEAD.

Just write each little prompt as it comes up, and then look at the next one.

1. Make a list name 10 things you have to do when you get up in the morning. (real)

2. Now make another list!

Name 10 awful forms of employment/jobs (real)

3. Time for one more list!

Name 10 big, small, beautiful, ugly, ridiculous and/or cute animals (real)

4. Now it’s a a time to write a story.  Choose a job from your list and an animal from your list.



5. Now write a story, where you or a fictional character wakes up, transformed as that animal, but you or your character still has to get ready for work!

Here’s how: Follow these directions carefully. 

  • Have character wake up in their transformed state. Describe how the character feels in their (transformed) body. – 3-5 sentences
  • What’s the weather like out? Describe in 3-5 sentences.
  • Why does character hate their job? – describe in 5 sentences- 1 paragraph
  • For what pressing practical reasons does character stay in terrible job? 2-5 sentences.
  • Bring in another character: roommate, spouse, lover, parent and have them nag character to get ready and get to work, WITHOUT seeing what they look like. 2-5 sentences
  • Describe how character is doing getting ready for work. Use the list of details of your own regimen. SLOW the steps DOWN. 2-5 sentences.
  • Bring in ANOTHER character: roommate’s sibling, lover, or other parent or someone else entirely disconnected who nags character to get ready for work but who doesn’t see them.
  • Return to describing how character is dealing with getting ready for work in their transformed state – 2-5 sentences
  • Character’s boss/supervisor arrives but they don’t see the character yet either– 2 sentences.
  • Now the boss/supervisor and other 2 characters see character in their transformed state for the first time. Describe reactions that should be both physical AND vocal. 2 or more sentences

That’s the beginning of your story.

Now we’re at a bigger point in the story. You can make these sections longer or shorter.

How do roommates/family/spouse and kids or whoever your other characters are ACCOMMODATE the transformed character? 2 sentences.

Specifics – schedule, diet, change to the décor. – at least one paragraph

What is the straw that breaks the camel’s back with this accommodation? —scene with specific actions and reactions (hint – what NEW people can enter the scene to create a specific embarrassing problem?) – at least one paragraph.

What does the protagonist do/suffer/give up to solve the problem? 5 sentences to a paragraph.

There’s your story!