For our class this year, we will be working with the Adobe Multimedia software in our Writing Lab.  The obstacle we will face is that your school laptop is unable to run any of the software.  So when you are working remote, you will have to use tutorials to practice and learn skills that you can use in class.

I’ve posted a link to the PhotoPea  website.  While it’s not perfect, it is a similar form of Photoshop that you can access on the web to practice and work on some of your projects.

In your Google Classroom you will see our opening week activity that is a walkthrough on photoshop.  You can access the assignment using the button link below.

  1. Download the zip files to follow along with the tutorial.
  2. Follow the video tutorials step by step.  It will ask you to do the following:
    • Open Image
    • Get familiar with the work area
    • Learn how to zoom and pan
    • Undo a command
    • Save your work