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Celebration At Heorot!

After defeating Grendel, Hrothgar celebrates the heroic actions of Beowulf as the entire kingdom of Denmark returns to Heorot now that the evil of Grendel has been purged. Many gifts... Read More

Beowulf Battles Grendel

Today we analyzed Beowulf’s first major battle with the monster Grendel. Make sure as you read, you continue to pay attention the language used to describe the monster. We see... Read More

Beowulf Meets Hrothgar

Today we covered Beowulf’s first meeting with Hrothgar and pledged his help in defeating Grendel. Review your notes for the following: Elements of the Epic Hero Unferth’s verbal attack toward... Read More

Beowulf Arrives

Our first two days we covered the history of the Danes starting with Shield Shiefson to the current King Hrothgar. We also looked at the discovery of Grendel, his lineage... Read More

Grendel Attacks

Today we read about 150 lines or so… just enough to finally see Grendel attack! If you were absent, please read to get caught up. I included the lines we... Read More

Beowulf’s Opening Lines

Today we started our adventure into the world of Anglo-Saxon literature and the opening lines of Beowulf! As mentioned in class, we are going to read an analyze selected parts... Read More