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POV Short Stories

The day I moved to New York was the kind of day that doesn’t come around often enough. The fall air was crisp, but comfortable, like the chill side of... Read More

Short Story Analysis

Short stories can be said to resemble novels. In their simplest forms, both are works of fiction. However, it is often true that short stories usually tell much less than... Read More

Senior Research Paper Details

As we begin our journey to develop our Senior Research Paper, I want to have a landing place for all of our documents. You should be able to find everything... Read More

Time To Brag!

As we finish up our study of Beowulf, your final written assignment (Boast) is due next week (Tuesday – October 12, 2021). This should be a fun assignment that gives... Read More

The Final Demise Of Beowulf

Today we wrapped up our reading of Beowulf by watching him succumb to the mortal injuries of the Dragon. Remember to finish up the study guide and the Epic Hero... Read More

Beowulf Defeats The Dragon

Today we took one step closer to finishing Beowulf’s epic journey. After jumping 50 years into the future, we see the aged hero struggle to defeat the dragon. With the... Read More