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Remote Friday (10/9/20)

Academic English 12 We are going to look at Beowulf’s impact in our modern day Pop Culture. For this Remote Friday, I want you to enjoy seeing what other elements... Read More

Seminar Reflection

Today’s discussion went very well and I think you all did a good job participating. The stats of the discussion are below. It looks like a rather balanced discussion but... Read More

Seminar Saturday (or Thursday 😂)

Well, after a lot of ups and downs, mics dropping, feedback, and inability to hear, I think we finally found something that works for our class. Please prepare for a... Read More

Beowulf Defeats The Dragon

Today we took one step closer to finishing Beowulf’s epic journey. After jumping 50 years into the future, we see the aged hero struggle to defeat the dragon. With the... Read More

Remote Friday (10/2/20)

Here we go! Please complete your work and contact me either through email, website chat below, contact page, or Google Classroom! Academic English 12 Please review the third section of... Read More

Touching Base

The Unknown Citizen by Auden I wanted to quickly touch base after today’s discussion. The connection that was made between the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the fictional monument... Read More