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Blake and Auden

London by William Blake As requested, I’m uploading our notes our notes from today’s discussion on William Blake’s London. We will return to the poem in another couple weeks so... Read More

Blake’s London

Today we started to look at William Blake’s London from his 1794 Songs of Experience . Our first jump into online discussions using Parlay seemed to be successful. For tomorrow’s... Read More

The Destruction Of Grendel’s Mother

Today we finished reading section two of Beowulf and witnessed the slaying of Grendel’s mother at the hands of our Epic Hero. Please review your notes and study guide from... Read More

Remote Friday (9/25/20)

Once again it’s time for our Remote Friday instruction via GIPHY Today is a two hour delay so your Homeroom won’t start until 9:45. I’m attaching the schedule below so... Read More

HTRLLP – Finally!

First off, I apologize. I’ve been meaning to organize these for the last week, but with everything else we need to do at school, I got behind. I know an... Read More

Beowulf Battles Grendel

Today we analyzed Beowulf’s first major battle with the monster Grendel. Make sure as you read, you continue to pay attention the language used to describe the monster. We see... Read More