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Beowulf Arrives!

Today we covered the arrival of Beowulf, his meeting with Hrothgar, as well as his response to the envious Unferth and his attempt to put down Beowulf’s epic swimming match... Read More

Remote Friday (9/18/20)

Once again it’s time for our Remote Friday instruction. Today is an early dismissal so classes will all finish at 11am. I’m attaching the schedule below so you will know... Read More

AP Essay: Owl & History Teacher

Congratulations on completing your first timed essay of the year. Our class examination of the two poems The Barred Owl and The History Teacher should have helped you prepare for... Read More

Beowulf’s Opening Lines

Today we started our adventure into the world of Anglo-Saxon literature and the opening lines of Beowulf! As mentioned in class, we are going to read an analyze selected parts... Read More

Back To School Night

Please view the following schedule for tonight’s Virtual Back To School. You will find the link to your son/daughter’s class in their Google Classroom account. Please ask your son/daughter if... Read More

Photoshop Tutorials On Color & Text (9/15/20)

Use Color Learn how to work with brushes and color in Adobe Photoshop. 1. Work with brushes Use brush tools https://video.tv.adobe.com/v/19205/?learn=on What you learned: To use tools that have brush... Read More