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Beowulf Arrives

Our first two days we covered the history of the Danes starting with Shield Shiefson to the current King Hrothgar. We also looked at the discovery of Grendel, his lineage... Read More

CITR – Reading Schedule

As you read Catcher In The Rye, please post your responses to the forum by the due dates outlined. You may read and post ahead of schedule, but your responses... Read More

Q1 – Barred Owl / History Teacher

For Monday’s class we are going to work on our first poetry prompt. We studied both poems on their own during class as well as a comparison/contrast. At this point,... Read More

Introduction To Beowulf (2021)

For today’s class, we are going to start our study of the epic poem Beowulf. Please complete the following: View Beowulf presentation. Please take notes on the important elements of... Read More

Barred Owl Analysis

For today’s class, read an annotate The Barred Owl by Richard Wilbur. Continue to practice using the options (SOAPSTONE & TSPfastt) we discussed in class yesterday. As you analyze the... Read More

Curious Incident – How To Read Lit Presentation

For this assignment, you are going to use various chapters from How To Read Literature Like A Professor to analyze elements present in The Curious Incident Of The Dog In... Read More