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Remote Friday (3/12/21)

Another remote Friday is upon us. We went over today’s assignment during class so remember to email me if you need help of have a question. Academic English 12 Finish... Read More

Magical Realism – Final Stories

Tendrils in the Leaves I am walking through the forest, not with any particular goal in mind. I don’t know how far I am going, and I am not even... Read More

Remote Friday (3/5/21)

It’s another remote Friday. The good thing is that you approximately 13 weeks from graduation! The end of the Third Quarter is approaching soon and before you know it June... Read More

Magical Realism – Final Stories

Here are the final copies of AP Lit & Comp’s Magical Realism short stories. Please read, enjoy, and feel free to comment. A Wacky Trip To Russia At this point... Read More

Siddhartha Seminar

As usual, here are the results from Friday’s seminar. The participation was great all around. This was one of our best seminars in terms of having equality among everyone. Good... Read More

Magical Realism – Writing Option

Directions: DON’T SKIP AHEAD. Just write each little prompt as it comes up, and then look at the next one. 1. Make a list name 10 things you have to... Read More