If you were absent today (9/3/20), please work to get caught up for tomorrow’s Zoom class.

Today I read an excerpt of a poem. Your assignment it so try to transcribe as much of the poem as you can. I’m not going to grade you on correctness (although I’d love it if you could get the poem 100% correct). Instead, I want you to focus on the words, rhythm, and tone of the poem. Transcribe it as the author wrote it. Where are the line breaks? Where is the punctuation? Try to get as much as possible.

In class, I read the poem 3-4 times. I recorded it so you can listen to it a few times and transcribe it. There are two readings so you can see if one sounds different from the other or which one you prefer.

For tomorrow’s class, we will revisit the poem so bring a copy of what you wrote to our ZOOM meeting.