So the day started off decent. I knew I had some time before homeroom started, so I figured I’d enjoy the morning. A quick ride to grab an Americano from La Prima! I wanted to take time to enjoy a nice coffee in the sunshine before the grind of school was in full swing. Also, it’s 2020 and we all missed out on a great summer. No beach trips, no hanging out with friends, no concerts, no anything. It made me remember how lucky I was last summer to visit Italy and the beach! So I made the bike ride to the strip for some fine coffee.

After I made my way back, I cleaned up and got ready for the first day of school … virtually 🤦‍♂️! To say it was normal is an understatement. When I logged on early, I discovered my schedule had changed, classes were missing, kids were moved, rosters were empty? A quick check to Google Classroom showed conflicting info? Some classes were still there, new ones weren’t. Needless to say it was fun!

Homeroom started. It was nice to see the kids, but it was also a bit sad we only spent 5 minutes together. I loved having the same homeroom for all four years watching the students change and grow. Who knows, maybe once we get into the building things will feel different.

So… make long stories short, zooming began! And zoom we did! Kids joining, mics working, mics not working, video on, video off, type in chat, join late, can’t get in, my spacebar is broken… there were definitely more problems but I can’t remember. Nonetheless we persisted!

After all the ups and downs, I eventually logged off and got ready to kick back. However, as we all know, it’s 2020! Nothing is ever easy. The basement was flooding from the constant rain! Time to clean, patch, clean, patch, and clean again.

As the day eventually wrapped it up, I thought “This is it! It’s the weekend and I can relax” Wait, I couldn’t possible be done? Nope, I find out my schedule has changed again. Some of you I zoomed with today are now in other classes. Some of you thought you had another teacher and Monday you’ll find out that now I’m your teachers. Some of you may find out the elective you had with me is now gone? All you HVA kids, “I touch base with you next week. I had no idea you were on my roster 🙂. As always, 2020 strikes again!

Well, I think that is more than enough randomness from day one to bore anyone. Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather (whatever it ends up being), and I’ll see you Monday (or Cohort B – Wednesday)!

It’s late, I’m beat. That’s all for tonight’s reflection.

If you have any comments, be sure to leave them!

*don’t criticize my syntax 😂