Well, here we are again teaching remote! I know it was an abrupt change after being back in school, but I have a feeling it may be this way a little longer.

That being said, today (Friday 1/29/21) is a 2hr delay. The schedule is 1-8th. You can view the specific times can be seen below. Your individual class assignments for Remote Friday are posted as well. Please see your assigned class.


Academic English 12

We will begin Hamlet Act 1 Scene 1 on Monday. If you haven’t already turned in your Shakespeare background, please submit it ASAP so you can get some credit. Also, please review the introduction slides we covered on Thursday.

For today, review the TED Talk about some of the relevant aspects of Hamlet.

Why You Should Read Hamlet – by Iseult Gillespie

An Introduction to Hamlet

(you can skip the opening slides that reference the polls we did in class)


AP English Lit & Comp 12

As we begin to wrap up Othello, please view this video that discusses the relevant themes we see in the play that still exist today.

Continue to work on your Othello study guide.

Multimedia Design

It’s been tough trying to film our videos and edit with the constant changes to hybrid/remote. Our most recent attempt to storyboard and plan our Office shoot.

For today, you can view an Office highlight. Hopefully next week can start filming. Please polish your storyboard and start to remember your lines.