Your work for today will be Asynchronous. If you need any assistance, please email me and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Remember that if you have any outstanding work that has not be turned in, you have until Sunday night (11:59pm) to submit it for grading without a late penalty. If you notice any discrepancies in Powerschool, please email the specific assignment and I will look into it and update the grade book accordingly.

Have a good day working and again, contact me if you have any questions!

AP English Lit. & Comp. 12

Please log into AP Classroom and continue to work on Unit 1. Today you will be looking at standard

  • 3A – Identify and describe how plot orders events in a narrative. 
    • STR-1.A – Plot is the sequence of events in a narrative; events throughout a narrative are connected, with each event building on the others, often with a cause-and- effect relationship.
    • STR-1.B – The dramatic situation of a narrative includes the setting and action of the plot and how that narrative develops to place characters in conflict(s), and often involves the rising or falling fortunes of a main character or set of characters.

You can access the AP Video Lesson below.

Academic English 12

Now that we have finished Beowulf, we are going to begin preparing for our senior research paper. For today, please view the Introduction To The Literary Analysis presentation. As you follow the presentation, complete the guided handout that asks you to respond to various elements of a literary analysis.


Submit the handout at the end of the day to Google Classroom.

Multimedia Design

For today, watch the following tutorial and complete the reflection sheet.