Here we go! Please complete your work and contact me either through email, website chat below, contact page, or Google Classroom!

Academic English 12

Please review the third section of Beowulf we are working on in class. As always, I’m including our class notes for you to reference. In addition, please read the following supplemental resources that will help you get through the readings.

Here are class notes that correspond to the supplemental readings above.


AP Lit & Comp 12

We are going to begin using AP Classroom. When you log into your AP Classroom account, you will see there are a few video lessons on Characterization and Character Function in texts. SPecifically, we are going to focus on:

AP Lit. & Comp. Skill 1.A

  • Identify and describe what specific textual details reveal about a character, that character’s perspective, and that character’s motives.

Please follow the videos and take notes. Once complete, you will take the short AP Quiz Assignment. Please take your time on the quiz as we will use it as a monitoring tool to track your improvement and the areas you may need help preparing for the AP Exam.

So… log into your AP Classroom Account and you will see it on your dashboard. Click on the image below to follow the link to AP Classroom.

Multimedia Design

For this Friday, please watch the Select/Mask tutorial and submit a short writing response explaining what you learned from the tutorial. You can access the assignment on Google Classroom HERE.