As one class wraps up Shakespeare, another starts! Please check you class below to see what your assignment is for Remote Friday.

Academic English 12

Please log into Google Classroom and take the short soliloquy quiz. It will ask you to break down Hamlet’s first major soliloquy from Act 1.2.


Please use the links below to access the solilioquy assignment for your class. All assignments will be due by 2:30pm on Friday, February 5, 2021.

AP English Lit & Comp 12

We finished reading Othello on Thursday and we will take the exam on Act 4 & Act 5 on Monday. In preparation for the exam, please practice some of these practice quizzes. When you are finished, send a screenshot of your answer for credit.

Multimedia Design

View the series of tutorials on how to use Premier Pro. We will begin editing your videos when we are in class next week.