Another remote Friday is upon us. We went over today’s assignment during class so remember to email me if you need help of have a question.

Academic English 12

Finish your second-chance option for Hamlet Act 3 test. This needs to be submitted to Google Classroom by today.

For today, watch the lecture to review and analyze Hamlet up to Act 4. It also breaks down Hamlet’s thinking in his famous “To Be or Not To Be” soliloquy.

AP Literature & Composition 12

We will meet via Zoom for today’s class. Be prepared to present your Frankenstein pre-reading presentations. See you in class!

Multimedia Design

Watch the following tutorial on how to navigate Premiere Pro so you can work on fine tuning your skills in video editing.

Tutorial 1: Navigating PrPro Panels

Tutorial 2: Beginner Editing Techniques