It’s another remote Friday. The good thing is that you approximately 13 weeks from graduation! The end of the Third Quarter is approaching soon and before you know it June will be here. Hopefully the weather will be nice and things can start to feel better.

Also, if you are a fan of good movies, Coming To America 2 premiers today on Amazon Prime!

If for some unknown reason you have never seen the 1988 original Coming to America, I won’t hold it against you. However, you need to watch it ASAP! It is a classic!

Now, on to your assignments. I went over our work in class yesterday and it is listed below as well. If you need any help or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

AP English Lit & Comp 12

The AP Exam practice module on AP Classroom will be open until Sunday at 11:30pm. Please make sure you take your time and try to answer the questions to the best of your ability. You should see the assessment on your AP Classroom Dashboard. If not, please use the link below.

Acd Eng 12

You have two assignments to complete. If you are interested in some second chance learning to recover points you lost on the Hamlet – Act 2. Your next assignment in to write your impersonation of Hamlet’s To Be or Not To Be soliloquy about your future job, career, profession, etc. Please look over the assignment and follow the basic format:

  • Contemplate
  • Pros / Cons
  • Decision

You can access the links below:

Finally, for those of you in 6th period, you can enjoy this guitar riff!

And . . . if this 8th grader can do it, maybe we can ask Logan to give us a concert next time he’s on Zoom!