We made it to the end of April and today marks 24 days until graduation. Keep up the hard work and let’s finish strong.

Please see your assignments below. Remember to stay safe and healthy out there!

AP English Literature & Composition 12

Please make sure you submit the work due for the end of Act 2 of Hamlet. Here is what is due:

You also have to finish your Hamlet “To Work or Not To Work” writing assignment.


You can submit it here:

Finally, those of you preparing for the AP Exam, please review the CB’s YouTube playlist. Your exam is Wednesday, May 5, 2021!

Academic English 12

Continue to work on your Persuasive Speech. Your outline is due on Monday. You can turn it in below.

Multimedia Design

Watch this tutorial to help you fine tune your ability to green screen in After Effects.

Honors English 10

Continue to read To Kill A Mockingbird. You should have chapters 5-8 finished for Monday’s class. Please submit your assignments below.