It’s been a few weeks since we have had to work remotely on a Friday due to break, PD days, etc.
For today, please see your class below to access work.

AP Literature and Composition 12

Complete the AP Classroom quiz. Please read all the prompts and questions carefully. On the FRQ, please self assess your response before submitting.

You can access your quiz using the link below. The quiz will close on Sunday (4/11/21) at 11:45pm.

The 2021 AP digital testing app is now available, and students can download the app at

Students taking digital AP Exams must download and install the app on their testing computer, and log in with their College Board username and password. If your students will test on school-managed devices, the school or district technology coordinator should provide them with information about how and when the app will be installed on their testing computers.

  1. Download and install the 2021 AP digital testing application and log in.
  2. Practice with example questions in the app.

Academic English 12

We are going to jump into our Informational Speeches next week. Those of you who did not complete your Impromptu Speeches, we will wrap those up Monday. In the meantime, please watch the guided video on Public Speaking. You can access it below:

Honors English 10

Continue to work on your final copy of the research paper. Papers will be submitted on Monday during class to the system. Remember to email me if you have any questions over the weekend.