Once again it’s time for our Remote Friday instruction. Today is an early dismissal so classes will all finish at 11am. I’m attaching the schedule below so you will know when your classes meet.


For our classes, we will all be working Asynchronously today. There WILL NOT BE ANY ZOOM MEETINGS and your work will be posted in your Google classroom as well.

Here we go!

Academic English 12 – ALL CLASSES

  • Read Beowulf lines 195-300. You can look over the annotations below for assistance.

AP Lit. & Comp 12

Austin AA
Jacob AB
Sydney AC
Trent BD
Austin BE
Tessa DF
Julia DG
Jason DH
Olivia DI
Emma HJ
Breanna MK
Gabe NL
Cade TM
Lawny RA

Multimedia Design

Watch the following Tutorial to practice your Photoshop. Be ready to use in class on Monday.