This week we transitioned back to school following our full remote time.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their hard work during difficult times and to offer a quick glimpse of what is on the horizon for the third quarter.

Academic English 12:

Congratulations to everyone for finishing their research paper! It definitely was a tough challenge this year with the constant changes in our plans for class, but everyone turned in great papers. All papers have been graded and are available in Powerschool. You can also access your papers via to see more specifics on the breakdown of your grade.

The rest of our first week back we briefly gave presentations telling the class about our novel and what our papers were about. Hopefully you enjoyed hearing what everyone else wrote about.

Now that Q2 is over and you are officially at the halfway point of your senior year, I’m going to sketch out what our next task is going to be!

As Ross Geller once famously said, “Pivot!” That is just what we are going do with Q3 & Q4. Next week we are going jump into one of William Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, Hamlet. Typically we start it during Q4, but I have a feeling we may need to take a little more time analyzing the play. We usually cover public speaking Q3 by giving a series of speeches. But with the Hybrid model, I decided to move our speeches to Q4. Maybe we’ll be back in person by then? Regardless, I wanted to make sure we had enough time to cover Hamlet and not have it rushed or cut short in Q4.

AP Literature and Composition 12

We are almost done with Othello. So far we have watched Iago manipulate those around him while at the same time presenting an aura of “Honest Iago.” At the same time, we have seen Othello solidify his place as a strong soldier and a calm General. However, Iago’s poison has started to seep into Othello’s mind. The Moor has begun to doubt the love and honesty of his beloved Desdemona. He has also recoiled from his loyal Lietunant Cassio. Gone are all the remembrances of Cassio’s loyalty and feats on the battlefield. Othello’s only focus is vengeance toward his once trusted friend.

There are some questions you should be considering at this time:

  • How is Iago able to fool everyone so easily? Even Othello, a seasoned General, a leader of Armies can’t see through Iago’s lies? Why?
  • Is Desdemona as naive and innocent as she seems? Will she allow Othello’s jealous to go unchecked?
  • Cassio? Is he so embarrassed and ashamed of his actions that he can’t simply talk to Othello? Does he need Iago’s “help?”
  • Roderigo? Can anyone be so gullible? When will enough, be enough?
  • Finally… Othello. Will he completely transform from the calm, brave, and calculated soldier we saw at the opening of the play into a careless and jealous man who is easily manipulated and fooled?

Multimedia Design

We’ve wrapped up Photoshop and we are going to take time moving into video production. Again, as mentioned many times, we had to make adjustments due to the pandemic and inability to work Primier Pro while in Full Remote teaching.

That being said, we’ve covered the basics of shooting videos. You should continue to familiarize yourself with the various Camera Angles as well as the process of creating a storyboard.

Your first assignment was to reverse-engineer a storyboard from a tv or movie clip.

Here is an example from the classic tv show Mad Men.