Today we finished reading section two of Beowulf and witnessed the slaying of Grendel’s mother at the hands of our Epic Hero. Please review your notes and study guide from both section one (Grendenl’s attack) as well as section two (Grendel’s mother). You should not only know the basics of the plot, but you should be able to identify and explain the following:

  • Examples of Kennings & Alliteration
  • Epic Hero traits of Beowulf
  • Motifs of both the Anglo-Saxon religious elements (including the Pagan conflicts)
  • Motifs relating to the Good vs Evil, Heaven vs Hell, and Right vs Wrong
  • Symbols that relate to Good vs Evil (ex. Heorot and Grendel’s lair)
  • Know your cast of characters and their roles in the poem
  • Review the various Digressions in Beowulf and know their purpose

Of course, your study guides should contain this, but you can always look back at our class notes in the following posts:

Remember we are going to test this week. On Tuesday (9/29/20) Group A will test during class. While Group A is testing, Group B you will be working remotely to finalize your study guide. On Wednesday (9/30/20) we will flip. Group B will test in class while Group A works remotely to finalize their study guide.

Here is the final section of today’s reading for you to review.