For today, all of my English 12 & AP 12 will complete the first of 2 lessons on Digital Citizenship. Today’s lesson is on Hate Speech.

The assignment is set up in five steps. Please work your way through each one. Each step is broken down as Follows:

  1. View slideshow: This is a Google Slide presentation on Hate Speech online. Pay attention to the information given.
  2. NPR Podcast: This is a short podcast that discusses issues and current events in our society. The Supreme Court has ruled that hate speech is protected under the Constitution. But what about social media? Several alleged perpetrators in mass shootings have ranted online before acting.
  3. Regulating T-Chart: Complete the T-chart that asks you to use the information from slides & podcast to discuss what is and isn’t hate speech. You will turn in this assignment when complete.
  4. Consequences of Hate Speech: This handout has various scenarios that will have you discuss the implications of Hate Speech. You will turn in this assignment when complete.
  5. Quiz: This is a short quiz on all the above elements. Answer the questions and submit when complete.

If you finish this assignment before the period ends, you can go back and finish the opening day Google Forms (if you have not done so already). You can also download the syllabus and review it for class.

Happy Tuesday!